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Whether it’s for marriage counselling, relationship counselling, conflict resolution, trauma counselling or any other wellness need, we are here to assist you on your path to a better, more fulfilling life.

Specialist Wellness Counsellor in Pretoria

Greetings from Reneo Wellness, your dedicated space for transformative counselling in Pretoria. I am Keneilwe Mphathiwa, Specialist Wellness Counsellor and Chief Executive Officer at Reneo Wellness Counselling.
My passion and vision is to help you to grow and build your personal well-being. As a lover of life, I am passionate about seeing personal growth in each person. I look forward to working with you to help you overcome challenges in your life that hamper your growth and well-being.

Why Choose Reneo Wellness?

At Reneo Wellness, you’re not just another client; you’re a person with a unique story and individual needs. I am committed to helping you navigate your challenges and reach your goals.
My expertise as a registered wellness counsellor, equips me to offer comprehensive support,

Compassionate Care by a Registered Counsellor

As the sole practitioner at Reneo Wellness, I offer a one-on-one counselling experience. My practice is anchored in a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities you may face, and I am dedicated to creating a safe, confidential environment where you can explore, heal, and grow. I offer both face to face counselling and online counselling session for your convenience.

Our Diverse Counselling Services

  • Resolving Conflict

  • Improving Relationships

  • Sorting Out General Problems

  • Coping with Life’s Challenges

  • Lifestyle Counselling

  • Trauma Counselling

  • HIV/AIDS Counselling

  • Bereavement Counselling

  • Couples and Marriage Counselling

  • Brain Profiling

Specialist Wellness Counsellor: Nurturing Your Holistic Well-being

My role as a specialist wellness counsellor involves a holistic approach to your health, addressing not just the symptoms but the underlying causes of your concerns.

Whether it’s managing stress, improving relationships, or coping with life changes, I am here to guide and support you through every step.

Psychological Counsellor: Insightful Support for Mental and Emotional Health

As a psychological counsellor, I focus on deepening your understanding of your mental and emotional well-being. Through our sessions, you’ll gain insights into your behaviour, thought patterns, and emotional responses, empowering you to make positive changes.